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Fenwal DXT® Relay

Data Management Solutions

Fenwal’s data management offerings provide open and flexible solutions that are designed to improve operational efficiency and documentation capabilities.

  • Access data anytime, anywhere
  • Data resides on your network
  • Wireless and ethernet device data export capabilities

Productivity solution designed to:

  • Collect data at mobile drives and donor centers
  • Compatible with Fenwal Amicus™, Alyx™, Autopheresis-C™ and Aurora™ Apheresis systems
  • Provide standard reporting templates to drive the reduction of operating costs
  • Allows you to customize your own reports to track specific key performance indicators
  • Monitor overall center performance at anytime, from anywhere

Fenwal resources are ready to assist you with integration of DXT Relay into your operations.

News releases:

Fenwal Introduces New Aurora System for Plasma Collection

Fenwal Receives FDA Clearance for Wireless Data Export on Alyx Blood Component Collection System

Fenwal, Healthcare-ID To Develop Productivity Software For Blood Centers

Fenwal Receives FDA Clearance for Amicus Separator With Wireless Connectivity

Plasma Center Trial Shows Faster Procedures Times With New Fenwal Software


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Key features

Open Solution
  • Leverages existing IT environment
  • Collecting data at mobile drives and collection centers
  • Standard reporting templates to drive the reduction of operating costs
Productivity-enhancing Reports
  • Monitor overall center collections
  • Optimize staff and center performance
  • Troubleshoot procedure results
Anytime / Anywhere access
  • Remote access to data at anytime from anywhere
  • Data resides on your network
  • Wireless device data export

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